Richard George Tailoring: An Introduction

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Our History

With inferior quality clothing and disposable fashion so prevalent, it is difficult to truly express yourself, your personal tastes and style when shopping today. Richard George tailoring is the antithesis of this – a bespoke tailoring service with sartorial elegance at its heart, so you can be the very best version of yourself.

At just 17 years of age, Richard began working in a tailor’s workshop in Birmingham, shadowing the trouser maker. Here he absorbed all of the intricacies of producing fine bespoke attire, which led him neatly on to the ‘golden mile’ of tailoring – Savile Row. Working under a master tailor, he gained invaluable knowledge and experience of traditional British techniques in luxury tailoring.

Richard returned to the Midlands to work as head tailor, furthering his experience of bespoke design and aesthetics whilst nurturing close working relationships with his clients. He travelled within the UK and to Italy to visit some of the most highly regarded fabric mills and workshops in the world. This lifetime of experience has turned him into the talented tailor he is today; skilled, passionate, and proud to serve.

Any suit carrying the Richard George label is a garment of fine quality and true craftsmanship.


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The latest ready-to-wear collection in limited availability and is now available to buy online. The collection encompasses the aesthetic, feel and quality of what is always to be expected from Richard George.

The Tailoring Process

Steps to Completion

When you purchase a tailored suit from Richard George, it is an experience like no other. Beginning with a blank canvas, we spend time getting to know you, establishing what type of occasions the suit will be worn, learning more about your personal likes and dislikes and the type of design that reflects the true you. With gentle and informed guidance, we’ll present a selection of options best suited to you, so that we can then set about creating your own unique masterpiece.

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Arrange an Appointment

Step 1

Contact us to schedule a call or visit our showroom

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Style Consultation

Step 2

Your initial personal consultation can take place in person or over the phone. We’ll take time to understand your lifestyle and the kind of garment you’d like to order. We’ll then discuss the style of tailoring and choice of fabrics that will suit you.

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Your Appointment

Step 3

Our Made-To-Measure garments are sized up using fitting garments. We’ll take several measurements; some against your body and others with fitting garments on, to ensure we get an accurate assessment of your physique.

We then explore a range of pre-selected fabrics and designs chosen specifically to suit your preferences and together draft the design of your commissioned piece.


Step 4

Around four to six weeks later, your tailoring will return from the workshop, ready for fitting. At this stage, we’ll assess all aspects of the garment’s fit, and (if required) make any final tweaks and adjustments.

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Step 5

After your fitting, we’ll make any final adjustments to your new clothes by hand, using our specialist alterations tailors.


Step 6

With final tweaks completed, your new Made-To-Measure suit will be ready for collection. You will be invited to visit us for a final try-on.


Off the peg

The latest limited availability ready-to-wear collection and is now available to buy online. The collection encompasses the aesthetic appearance, feel and quality of what is always to be expected from Richard George.

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