The Richard George Tailoring Process

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The Process

The Tailoring Process


When you purchase a tailored suit from Richard George, it is an experience like no other. Beginning with a blank canvas, we spend time getting to know you, establishing what type of occasions the suit will be worn, learning more about your personal likes and dislikes and the type of design that reflects the true you. With gentle and informed guidance, we’ll present a selection of options best suited to you, so that we can then set about creating your own unique masterpiece.

Step 1:

Fabric Selection

With thousands of fabrics at our disposal it is important that the main body of your suit is applicable to your needs. You may choose a lightweight linen and wool mix perhaps for a wedding abroad which will require you to look sharp yet feel comfortable and not run too warm. Or maybe you prefer a clean and crisp look that would require a lightweight wool but with a twisted element to avoid creasing yet provide durability. We also offer a more ‘British’, authoritarian look, using a robust wool to retain its shape, sourced specifically from a quality manufacturer in Huddersfield.Whatever you desire, we will use a fabric expertly chosen to achieve the exact look, feel and function you need.

Step 2:

Design Details

You have the freedom and luxury to express yourself in the finer details of your garment. You may choose carefully selected contrast stitching, fine ox horn buttons or possibly even Mother of Pearl. Pockets and structures can provide a signature look and play a part also in the functionality. We can discuss and explore the finer details, including hand stitched embroidery to make your suit a truly original and personalised piece.

Step 3:


We pay very careful attention to the measurements we take in order to produce a perfectly fitting garment. How you sit, stand and move all play a part in how the final cut is defined. We’ll observe the hang and behaviour of an existing suit to give us the best insight into the finer details of your specific cut.Once these details are recorded your very own pattern is produced and stored forever in the Richard George archives so we can recall these on future occasions should you return to us for further garments.

Step 4:


Using our very detailed measurements, the fabric is cut and sent to us from mills locally or further afield in Italy. Our tailors are prepped, trims are readied and the meticulous process of making your garment commences. German made thread keeps the garment together, Italian horsehair canvassing provides stability and structure, Italian horn buttons are applied and sit proudly ready for fastening and silk lining sits within for a sumptuous finish.Only the most highly skilled craftsmen hand piece together your suit in the confines of the Richard George workshop.

Step 5:

Final Fitting

Within 4-6 weeks your garment is ready for final fitting and the wait is over. You will have the opportunity to see the suit and try it on for the first time. This is a wonderful occasion, when the anticipation of wearing your unique, hand-crafted suit becomes a reality. Your masterpiece is now yours.