Richard George Tailoring: An Introduction

Richard George


We Are A Tailoring Company Where Incredible Tailoring is the By-Product. What We Create is FEELING and EMOTION…

We have provided tailoring services for some of the UK’s most highly regarded tailors and their clients for many years. But now our core product has changed… we are focused on working directly with clients, delivering a truly personal tailoring experience.

The beating heart of Richard George Tailoring is you, your discerning style and appreciation of exquisitely made attire. Here you’ll feel special, and receive a uniquely personal tailoring experience.

When you commission a piece from us, we invite you to share the elation and the goosebumps created as a result of producing a piece of beautiful tailoring that fits, that looks incredible and is simply a work of art.

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Your Tailoring


Tailoring has existed for many hundreds of years. With this comes a vast expanse of possibilities for commissioned pieces. This is why our client relationships have been so highly revered for many, many years, because when understanding your needs and wants, combined with accurate guidance and trust, it is then that a masterpiece is in the making.

Your tailoring truly becomes yours. Your tailor truly becomes your tailor. We achieve this through our commitment to you, our personable service and by exceeding your expectations.

We measure our success on your happiness.

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Life is Too Short For

Sub-Standard Tailoring

Badly made clothing is a detriment to time, money, health, aesthetic appearance and comfort.
The cost per wear of inferior quality is astronomical in comparison to investment pieces that are built to last.

Time is wasted sourcing new suits, money is spent on alterations, repeated purchases and fast fashions. We know this because we have seen it and supported those who have frustratingly been through this experience only to achieve unequivocal sartorial enlightenment when they arrive at Richard George!

And this is why our tailoring is backed with a guarantee… you will never need another suit again.

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Off the peg

The latest limited availability ready-to-wear collection and is now available to buy online. The collection encompasses the aesthetic appearance, feel and quality of what is always to be expected from Richard George.

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