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About Us

The Ethos, an Introduction Brief History

My mantra in life has always been to ‘be the best version of yourself’. This is applicable throughout all aspects of a person; your working life, your family life, how you interact with the world around you and how you wish for the world around you to perceive you.
I created Richard George with this in mind. With inferior quality clothing and disposable fashion so prevalent, it is difficult to truly express yourself, your personal tastes and style when shopping today. Richard George tailoring is the antithesis of this – a bespoke tailoring service with sartorial elegance at its heart, so you can be the very best version of yourself.

Mr Richard George

At just 17 years of age, I began working in a tailor’s workshop in Birmingham, shadowing the trouser maker. Here I absorbed all of the intricacies of producing fine bespoke attire, which led me neatly on to the ‘golden mile’ of tailoring – Savile Row. Working under a master tailor, I gained invaluable knowledge and experience of traditional British techniques in luxury tailoring.
I returned to the Midlands to work as head tailor, furthering my experience of bespoke design and aesthetics whilst nurturing close working relationships with my clients. I travelled within the UK and to Italy to visit some of the most highly regarded fabric mills and workshops in the world. This lifetime of experience has turned me into the talented tailor I am today; skilled, passionate, and proud to serve.
Any suit carrying the Richard George label is a garment of fine quality and true craftsmanship.