Buying your perfect wedding suit

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With lockdown lifting and many of us looking forward to some sort of normality returning, I am now being approached with regards to Wedding Suits but what makes the perfect Wedding Suit?

This can very much depend on the type of wedding:

  • Is it a Summer outdoor marquee wedding?
  • A cool English church in Autumn?
  • The sands of a hot sunny beach?
  • Winter Country Manor?

Consider the season:

For instance, a tweed suit can offer a country look and feel to any Winter Country Manor wedding.  However, a more ‘classic’ tailored suit teamed with a waistcoat can be the perfect combination for the unpredictability of our UK Summer weddings. Whereby, a lightweight cool breathable linen suit could set you up a treat for the sands of a hot sunny beach wedding.

Choosing the colour:

It is always worth checking out whether there is a colour scheme as this could help you choose your cloth. If unsure a mid-grey suit tends to go with most things, and navy can be very versatile.  To add a bit of individuality to a wedding suit, you could consider a pattern such as plaid, herringbone or houndstooth.

More dramatic colours seem to be coming in play for 2021.  Grooms are steering away from classic navy, black and grey. We are seeing more shades of blue, maroon, camel and beiges. More couples seem to be embracing the brighter colour palatte this year. Maybe because of Covid, people are feeling the need for a bit of colour in their life!

Its all about the fit:

The key to pulling off that ‘dress to impress’ look is a suit that complements your body shape.

This tends to fall into 3 categories:

Regular; a more classic style which allows for movement and comfort and often ideal for people of a larger build.

Slim; as the name suggests this is suited to those with a slimmer physique.

Tailoreda midway option between Regular and Slim which offers a streamlined look.

Accessorise to complete the look:

The accessories can add the all-important finishing touches to your outfit and offer individuality.  Cuff-links can add a touch of sophistication whilst a hand-made silk tie can achieve a look of flare and distinction.  In these uncertain times, how about considering a face covering to match your suit.

Stand out from the crowd:

Your shoes can set off the outfit but remember they need to be comfortable enough to wear all day and dance all night!  Why not consider booking an appointment to discuss made to order to ensure the perfect fit and comfort.

To discuss your Wedding attire for that special day, please contact

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