Double Breasted Jacket

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What is a double-breasted jacket?

A double-breasted blazer has two symmetrical columns of buttons in front and a big overlapping front flap that makes for a strong garment. The classic double-breasted jacket has one to four columns of buttons, each of which is only functional on one side. These blazers’ lapels are often peaked, with the left lapel fastening over the right.

The history of a double-breasted jacket

The double-breasted jackets roots were from the sailors of the British Navy, Reefer jackets were the first examples of jackets in a double-breasted style. These were cut shorter than overcoats to enable mariners to move easily on the decks of ships. They were usually a dark navy colour and made with heavy wool.

After this, double-breasted jackets were first adopted by soldiers and by the end of the 19th century they were worn by men attending tennis matches and other outdoor country activities. Carrying on in to the 1950’s and 1980’s the double-breasted jacket gained more exposure as a popular staple wardrobe piece in Hollywood movies.

Would it suit you?

Have you found yourself pondering in your thoughts as whether you would suit a double-breasted jacket or whether you need a certain physique to pull it off?

You do not need to be a banker, stockbroker, or politician to wear a double-breasted jacket as these days the front wrap is slightly smaller than it used to be, the jackets are also cut slightly shorter and trimmer. Giving a slimming effect and full-on flattering for any body shape.

What to wear with a double-breasted jacket?

For formal occasions you can team a double-breasted jacket with shirt, tie and matching trousers. If formal is not the look you are going for, then adding some pinstripe slim fit trousers can create a powerful look. Adding some final touches with contrasting buttons, tonal pocket square and tassel loafers will complete your look.


To summarise double-breasted jackets can suit any shape or physique, do not be afraid to try new looks even if you don’t think it’s for you… may just be surprised!

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