From Richard George and Femme: Summer collection 2023

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Allow us to introduce you to our new season collection for Spring/Summer 2023.

Combining elegant business attire for days in the city with pieces that evoke warm summer evenings by the mediterranean, this is tailoring that is lightweight, simple and effortlessly cool.

Key to this collection is versatility. We want you to wear your tailoring and take enjoyment from it; make memories in it. To ensure versatility, we’ve created these pieces with an air of playfulness. Suits that, with a little imagination, can be styled as easily for the boardroom as they can for drinks.

Central to versatility is the cloth used. Natural fibres are best for summer as they have a degree of breathability. Wool and linen blends ensure that the emphasis is as much on texture as it is on colour and pattern. Greens and browns, although not traditionally summery colours, are softened by the sharkskin weave of the fabric, and the lightness that the linen component brings to the cloth. Suits below, using cloth from Reda.

There’s arguably no better example of our emphasis on versatility and playful elegance than our off-white men’s dinner jacket. Made using a fabric not traditionally used for formalwear, with a herringbone weave. The absence of formal satin detailing, means that although this jacket can be worn both to black-tie events as below with a formal wing-tip collar, studded shirt and trousers, it can also be styled casually. Think: open-collar, light-coloured trousers or chinos and loafers.

Our signature double-breasted suit jackets feature across both mens and womenswear, giving the collection a timelessness that ensures your tailoring will transcend the trends of this season and ensure that it will still look elegant in summers years from now.

Playfulness is also key to our womenswear. We’ve used a jacketing fabric composed of wool, silk and linen from Drago, in Biella, to create a lightweight coat in an ivory and beige puppytooth fabric that feels modern, yet classic. Another key piece is a suit jacket that has the air of a denim jacket and a hint of safari. The beautiful cloth from Loro Piana was chosen to construct an unlined suit jacket with a fabric belt, and strategically-placed pockets. Lightweight and functional, these pieces are sure to elevate even the most casual of outfits.

Summer is a time to experiment with colour. Menswear doesn’t have to be blue, black or grey. One of the stand-out pieces of the collection is a suit in a beautiful terracotta wool and linen blend from Drago. The wide peaked lapels make the design feel contemporary and equally suitable for the city as it would be for meandering through an Italian vineyard.

A burgundy tuxedo in 100% virgin wool isn’t traditionally summery. This is a piece that will work for evening-wear all year round. With satin-facing on the lapels and buttons, it’s obviously formal, but subtly striking. Other pieces, jackets and trousers with a high linen content in muted tones are the perfect laid-back staple summer garments for a capsule wardrobe.

The whole collection is available to view at our showroom, and is made-to-measure to your requirements. To book, call 01926 695 206 or email

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