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We thought it would be nice to share with you the origin behind one of the luxury fabric brands, Loro Piana, which we use at Richard George.  They Loro Piana range offers an indulgent feel and is made using the rarest and most exquisite materials.

Loro Pianas Fabric Origin:

Loro Piana is a prestigious mill in Italy, known for its luxury and long-lasting fabrics particularly Cashmere. The company was founded in the small town of Corso Rolandi, northern Italy, back in 1924.

The river Sesia allowed Loro Piana access to the natural spring water (straight from the Alps) which is said to be some of the softest in Europe.  This spring water is used in the technique of treating fine wool and cashmere fabrics.

Loro Piana cashmere is of superior quality, and this is possibly down to the fact that cashmere fibres are sourced from Hircus Goats in Mongolia and rural China, by doing this to source their materials they pride themselves on quality luxury. With each goat only produces around 200-250 grammes of cashmere fibre in a year, it makes it a unique luxury.  We find that this works well for suits or outwear.  The fabrics are also produced in a way that ensures the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Protection of the precious Vicuña:

Vicuña is one of the most extraordinary and most valuable fibres on the planet, that can be found in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Hunted for its valuable fleece for over four centuries, the vicuña was gambling elimination. In 1994 Loro Piana consented to an arrangement with the Peruvian government and the Andean people group, which allowed the organisation the restrictive honour of purchasing, preparing and trading vicuña fibre acquired distinctly from creatures sheared alive.  Loro Piana likewise sources vicuña from Argentina and Bolivia with feasible techniques in a joint effort with nearby inhabitants.

Some of Loro Piana’s most highly recommend fabrics would be:

  • Black Pinhead Striped Wool Blend Suiting
  • Mid Grey Wool Blend Suiting
  • Black Wool & Cashmere Flannel
  • Grey Pinstriped ‘Super 130’s Silk & Wool Suiting
  • Grey Woven Wool Blend Suiting

The Loro Piana Collections include:

Mare: an ideal versatile and comfortable summer fabric which is fresh and breathable and comes in a variety of weights and textures which are ideal for suits, jackets and trousers.  The colour palette is offered in neutral and blue tones.

Travel Line: offers a range of lightweight easy-care fabrics which have undergone several processes during production to improve its performance and longevity.  For added comfort this fabric includes lycra throughout the range and offers a more contemporary feel.  This fabric is offered in a range of greys, blues and brown.

Sopra Visso:  this fabric range is suited to those who want the look of tweed but without the coarseness and heavy weight feel.  It has a softer feel and come in an array of autumn colours. It is the perfect fabric for jackets and blazers.

Tasmanian: the perfect all year-round fabric made up from Super 150’s Merino wool.  It offers a solution for any occasion with its range of patterns and solid colours.

Stormsystem:  allows you to protect your fabric.  A specially developed treatment permeates the fibres creating a protective membrane from dirt, stains, and the inevitable British rain.

To discuss the perfect garment using the luxury Loro Piana fabric, please contact richard@richardgeorge.uk

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