Bespoke Tailoring

Crafted by skilled hands

Bespoke tailoring epitomizes the artisan's mastery. Each garment meticulously tailored to your precise desires, embodying over 80 hours of intricate, precise craftsmanship, a true testament to sartorial excellence.

Our approach marries elegant English silhouettes with the refined grace of Italian tailoring. We emphasize lightweight chest canvases, fine shoulder pads, and a subtly slimmer, more streamlined form than traditional British tailors, resulting in garments that effortlessly balance comfort, weightlessness, and flattering lines.

Honouring tradition, maintaining a progressive outlook

Beyond suits and blazers, our repertoire extends to overcoats, overshirts, and even casual designs like bomber jackets and blousons. Our bespoke tailoring caters to both men and women, embracing diverse styles with equal finesse.

The Bespoke Journey

Visit us in our showroom or during our tailoring trunk shows to discuss initiating a new order with our team.

Over a casual chat, we'll delve into your lifestyle and preferences to curate the perfect suit or jacket that suits you best.

After settling on your order's style and fabrics, our tailors meticulously take nearly 30 measurements to craft a unique paper pattern tailored to your figure.

In a few weeks, your order will undergo the initial 'basted' fitting, presenting a skeletal garment with white baste stitching. This phase allows us to refine the structural fit.

Moving ahead a few more weeks, your suit nears completion. During this fitting, we fine-tune the fit for optimal comfort in your new attire.

At this fitting, your garments are almost complete, lacking only hand-finished details. It serves as a final quality check to ensure perfection.

Following the final fitting, your garment undergoes delicate hand-finishing and precise pressing. Every stitch, buttonhole, and top-stitching is meticulously hand-sewn to perfection.

After eight to ten weeks and an average of three fittings, your bespoke attire is ready. Each piece embodies several thousand stitches and approximately eighty hours of meticulous craftsmanship by our team of skilled artisans.
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Bespoke garments are exclusively crafted to your precise specifications, based on a unique paper pattern meticulously created by our cutters. Clients embarking on a Bespoke journey typically undergo an average of three to four fittings from placing an order to receiving the finished suit.

Our dedicated team of cutters, tailors, and finishers invests up to 80 hours of skilled work in each Bespoke suit. The timeline for crafting a Bespoke suit varies but generally falls within a 10-week timeframe, contingent on clients’ availability for fittings.

Our Made-To-Measure tailoring process employs unique fitting garments to customize the suit according to your measurements, assessing your physique for a superior fit. Similar to Bespoke, Made-To-Measure clients have the freedom to select preferred cloth, lining, and styling details.

The garment is meticulously crafted using traditional tailoring techniques. Most Made-To-Measure suits are ready for fitting approximately eight weeks after the order is placed.

Typically, the process spans around eight to ten weeks, involving an average of three to four fittings.

Usually, three to four fittings are conducted:
Basted Fitting,
Forward Fitting,
Final Fitting,
and potentially interim fittings to ensure everything aligns perfectly.

You can visit us at our showroom or attend our tailoring trunk shows to discuss initiating a new order with our team.

Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form above or reach out via email at
Made to Measure Tailoring

His journeys across the UK and Italy shaped him into an adept tailor. His expertise, gained from esteemed fabric mills and skilled workshops, is generously imparted to our team. This ensures a consistently exceptional experience, no matter who serves you.

It's all in the details

In the realm of bespoke tailoring, the canvas of possibilities knows no bounds. From fabric selection to minute details, every element is a reflection of personal taste — a symphony of choices that culminate in a uniquely crafted masterpiece.

Our artisans specialize in crafting our bespoke garments, maintaining the exacting standards synonymous with British bespoke tailoring. Our collaborative team — cutters, coat-makers, trouser-makers, and finishers — ensures precision in every piece.



"I am so happy with the result, the colours, the textures that me and Richard chose I feel reflect my taste perfectly and also offer a great level of functionality whether that be traveling to meetings, attending award dinners and red carpet events."

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