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Tailored to your essence

Wearing Richard George on your most momentous day transcends mere attire; it's an embrace of opulence, elegance, and a moment frozen in time. Imagine slipping into meticulously crafted garments, each stitch echoing craftsmanship, as you stand poised, a testament to unparalleled luxury.

The fabric drapes flawlessly, an embodiment of sophistication tailored to your essence. With every step, you embody not just style but a narrative — a tale of exquisite tailoring woven into the very fabric of your union, making your special day a masterpiece of refinement and distinction.


For wedding guests seeking elegance, Richard George invites you to drape yourself in sophistication. Our tailored suits embody timeless refinement, allowing you to exude an aura of enduring grace. Whether it's a formal black-tie affair or a relaxed ceremony, our versatile options effortlessly align with any dress code.

The Tailoring Journey

Book a visit at our showroom or join us during our tailoring trunk shows to initiate your wedding attire order with our expert team.

At each step, if desired, involve your partner or groomsmen in this private, personal, and exciting process, creating cherished moments over champagne or a drink of your choosing as part of your wedding planning journey.

Similar to our bespoke service, your Made-To-Measure or Bespoke appointment involves understanding your lifestyle and preferences. Collaborate on suit or jacket styles and handpick fabrics that reflect your individuality.

Crafting your garments begins with exact measurements.

For Made-To-Measure, fitting garments ensure accuracy, with measurements taken against your body and adjustments made while you wear them.

In Bespoke, our tailors meticulously take nearly 30 measurements to craft a unique paper pattern tailored to your figure.

Approximately four to six weeks later for Made-To-Measure and a few weeks for Bespoke, your order returns from our workshop, ready for the fitting session.

Every aspect of the garment's fit is thoroughly assessed, refining details such as jacket waist, sleeve length, trouser width, and cuffs.

Following your fitting, our skilled alterations tailors carefully refine your new attire by hand, ensuring an impeccable fit tailored specifically for you.

With the finishing touches completed, your garment awaits collection. Make one final visit for a fitting or, for Bespoke, after eight to ten weeks and an average of three fittings, your attire is ready for collection, embodying several thousand stitches and approximately eighty hours of careful craftsmanship by our team of skilled artisans.
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Bespoke and
Wedding Tailoring

Bespoke garments are exclusively tailored to your exact specifications, using a unique paper pattern crafted by our skilled in-house cutters. Clients typically undergo around three to four fittings for a truly personalized fit, with each bespoke piece demanding up to 80 hours of meticulous artisanal work. The timeline for crafting a Bespoke suit varies but often completes within 10 weeks, dependent on fitting appointments.

On the other hand, our Made-to-Measure tailoring employs unique fitting garments to tailor the suit according to your measurements, ensuring a superior fit. Similar to Bespoke, clients have the freedom to select preferred cloth, lining, and styling details. The garment is then meticulously crafted in an Italian specialist workshop, employing traditional tailoring methods. Most Made-to-Measure wedding suits are ready for fitting approximately six weeks after placing the order.

Typically, the Bespoke process spans around eight to ten weeks, involving an average of three to four fittings, while the Made-to-Measure process takes approximately six to eight weeks with 1-2 fittings.

For both Bespoke and Made-to-Measure, visit our showroom or attend our tailoring trunk shows to discuss placing a new order. Alternatively, reach out via email at or We look forward to crafting the perfect wedding attire tailored to your preferences and celebration.

"What you wear on your wedding day is forever captured in timeless photographs, becoming part of the cherished memories that will accompany you throughout life's journey — a reflection of the elegance and significance of that beautiful moment."

Toby's day

"Richard George tailored a masterpiece for my wedding — a suit that blended elegance with comfort flawlessly. It captured the essence of our day, ensuring timeless memories woven into every stitch."

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"I needed something with that bit of distinctiveness. Richard of course has this uncanny habit of coming out with the perfect sort of selection. I find him to be a thorough professional, dedicated at what he does."

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