Our guide to casual tailoring

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It can often be a common misconception that tailoring and the casual look do not go hand in hand.  However, many of the modern cloths have a tendency to be lighter and lend themselves well to the less formal look.

Over the years a more relaxed approach to menswear has become more apparent, and this has been highlighted more than ever with the pandemic. However, navigating this path can be daunting, so here is the Richard George Guide to embracing casual tailoring:

Take time to consider:

  • Does it need to allow comfort for travel?
  • Where will you be wearing this look?
  • Is it for business or pleasure?
  • Does it need to be cool for a summer function or warm for an outdoor winter event?

A more casual look can be achieved by separates:

A separates approach offers a less formal and flexible option, as you can contrast fabrics, textures and colours.  However, be cautious not to mix patterns such as stripes and checks. With the wide range of cloth available to tailors there is something to suit every need, and to flatter any body shape.

Unstructured approach:

A more casual look can be obtained by an unstructured jacket which is one with minimal canvas, very little lining inside, and a thin shoulder. The resulting jacket is lightweight and breathable. This style of suiting has become common in recent years and makes for a particularly good looking summer suit or sport coat.  Alternatively, consider shirt jacketing which offers a soft and relaxed overshirt styling.

Simple is more:

A pair of made to measure selvedge denim jeans, chinos or shorts teamed with a simple Egyptian cotton shirt or fine knit jumper, and an unstructured jacket or shirt jacket can have you rock the casual look.

Footwear to complete the look:

A minimalist sneaker is very on trend this year but if that is a step to far in achieving that casual look.  Why not, consider a game raising suede or leather loafer.

If you would like to find out more about achieving that casual look, please email us at richard@richardgeorge.uk

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