Relaxed Seasonal Tailoring with Richard George

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Casual clothing has evolved into the workplace, full suit attire is still the smartest dress code for work but a lot of corporate companies are now adopting the relaxed smart dress code. This enables us to be more creative and comfortable with the ability to showcase your own style and flair through your work wardrobe.

It is important to remember that the clothing we wear in the workplace reflects our professionalism.  Our guide below will see you are smart enough for the office but on-trend with the seasonal casual look:


Spring and Autumn

Generally, Spring and Autumn can be easy to dress for, neither too hot or cold. Our cotton stretch chinos with a dark herringbone suit jacket will give the smart casual look whilst keeping you warm. Alternatively, a cashmere jumper with trousers will provide the same effect.



Our favourite season not just for the sun, but the fashion too! Lightweight Egyptian cotton shirts or a button up polo teamed with chinos in a stone or beige colour is an ideal choice for the warmer weather. Not forgetting a suit jacket or blazer to take with you just in case the weather has other ideas.



Layers, that is what winter clothing is all about. To keep it stylish and smart flannel and tweed fabrics can be ideal for office attire. A crewneck jumper made from the finest merino wool worn with dark denim jeans is ideal for a casual dress down Friday at work.


Seasonal Accessories

From belts, scarves to ties our sophisticated accessories range can be found on our website and can set your apart from your work colleagues.


You can drop us an email to or you can enquire online, via our Instagram page or via our business WhatsApp on 01926695206.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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