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Sustainability is the new way of living whether it be reducing your carbon footprint, going green or following a vegan diet, there are many ways you can help the environment. Here at Richard George, we like to ensure that your values and requirements are not compromised by the garments you wear, that’s why we offer an alternative to our normal tailoring options.

The need to understand the values of a customer has never been more apparent than it is now with people having vehement views on veganism, animal rights and the use of animal by-products. In tailoring the use of wool is popular because it is deemed as the best fabric to make suits with but for some client this does not meet with their ethics.

So, how do we overcome this challenge?

We have sourced fabrics that behaved like wool but aren’t wool or from any animal by-products. Often the interior construction of the tailoring is horsehair canvassing (which is ideal because it moulds to the wearer).  However, we have sourced alternatives. We did extensive research and we managed to source several different fabrics from different mills in Italy that ranged from cotton, linen and an extraordinary fibre made from Lotus flower.

A hemp alternative from San Francisco can be used for the construction of the garment, along with an ethically sourced alternative to the silk thread that we would ordinarily use.  With a nut alternative from India we are even able to replace for the Ox horn buttons which would classically be used.

Every single detail of a suit can be tailored with the animal’s welfare in mind.  Sustainably sourced materials do not mean the styling has to be compromised.  The Italian shaping which is quite often admired by many when looking for a suit can still be achieved with fabrics from mills such as Loro Piana and Huddersfield Fine Worsteds.

At Richard George we like to create feelings and emotion with our tailoring. We will always do our best to accommodate our clients’ values and beliefs when helping them to create their garment.  As a result, our clients have been blown away by the fact that they can now wear garments that represent their morals and beliefs but without compromising on style.

Sustainability is in the forefront of our thoughts here at Richard George and we will continue to work with and source, new sustainable suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and protect animal welfare.

If you are interested in creating a Vegan tailored garments or have concerns over the sustainability of your current suit, please do drop us an email to

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