What makes a fine tailored suit?

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Richard George in consultation

As trends change, we are finding more people coming to us wanting to stand out from the crowd in a unique and finely tailored outfit.  A bespoke suit can convey a sense of prominence in any given environment; whether it be an important job interview, deal clinching business meeting, a wedding or special social event you will be sure exude confidence.

A tailored suit is made to your measurements and will contour your body to ensure the fit is both flattering and perfect for you.  It can also include your own specifics to add that extra special touch.  The timeless fit of a tailored suit will ensure that it never goes out of fashion.

By commissioning a tailored suit not only will it be unique to you but will be crafted based on many key elements detailed within our video:


We ensure each of our clients leave our showroom feeling a million dollars and with the confidence to stand tall in any given environment.

To find out more about the Richard George experience, email us at hello@richardgeorge.uk

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