What to wear at summer sporting events – Inspired by Wimbledon

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There is nothing more exciting than attending a sporting event and luckily this summer see’s the return of many, such as Wimbledon.  These events are the perfect time to showcase your style and personality within your outfit choice.  Whether it be tennis, cricket, or the races, we breakdown what to wear, keeping it cool and sophisticated!

Summer is the perfect time to inject colour into your outfit choices and really show off your style. Pastel coloured, fitted shirts are a great choice, when trying to add some character to your outfit. You can pair this with some pinstripe slim fit trousers. Whether you are wearing shorts or chinos your footwear choice will always be the most important part of your outfit. Choosing a suede loafer is great way to achieve a smart-casual design that will work with all outfits.

A tailored linen suit jacket is a perfect choice for a lighter fabric in the summer months. It’s great to add some personality to your outfit, you can do this by adding a tie and pocket square. Classic styles like a polka dot pocket square work well, or you can mix things up by adding a splash of colour.

Most ladies would argue that heels are a must at any event, but you may want to rethink that idea when it comes to a sporting event. You may be on your feet for a long time or be standing on uneven terrain, so ditching the heels for an open toed smart sandal or classic trainer (depending on the event) may be the wise choice. If heels are a must for you then a classic nude wedge is perfect for any summer event.

When deciding on your outfit the weather will play the biggest part, in the height of summer a cool dress teamed with a cool linen jacket or blazer is a good outfit choice. Linen trousers with a fine knit top are also a perfect combo. Accessories are a must, whether it be a fabulous floppy hat and sunglasses or some standout jewellery, this is the perfect way to add style to your outfit.

So, to summarise… keeping it cool and classy is a must.  Remember to think about the event you are attending, and what surface it will be on to make your footwear choice. Picking lighter fabrics is a great way to remain cool, and always add a jacket or blazer for layering.

If you have a summer event in your diary and would like some assistance, please contact richard@richardgeorge.uk

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