Your guide to the perfect winter coat

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As we are nearing the end of our short-lived Summer this year, warmer clothes may now be on the agenda. Having a good selection of stylish coats can make the upcoming cold weather something to look forward too!

Below we look at stylish and comfy overcoats to keep you warm this Winter, as there’s no doubt that we will be in for a cold one.


Choosing an overcoat is easier than you thought, keep in mind type, fabric, colour and style when deciding on your key garment for your Winter wardrobe. Some overcoats can be versatile, whereas others can be suited to certain occasions.

Different styles of men’s overcoats include:

Chesterfield – The ultimate single-breasted overcoat, two horizontal pockets with flaps, breast pocket on the left side and a slit at the back.

Trench – Light and versatile, most often worn in beige, shoulder pads, double-breast fastening, belt and a triangular brim overlapping the fastening for a better latch.

Loden – Matted and waterproof wool, this coat has a shirt collar, slanting pockets with flaps and bands with buttons at the end of the sleeves.

Peacoat – A traditional peacoat entitles a double-breasted line with six big buttons, large reverses to be fastened with a chin strap and vertical pockets to warm your hands.

Ulster – The elegant overcoat for Winter, large reserves, eight buttons, shirt like sleeves with hand-made stitches, pockets with flaps, cuffs with half-belts, an elegant half-belt, horn buttons and length below the knees.

Men’s Overcoats are available in various fabrics such as wool and cashmere, wool is a great option, warm and durable and a classic feel. Cashmere is the higher end alternative to wool, if you are willing to invest slightly more in your garment you won’t be disappointed with the warmer, softer, and more elegant look cashmere has to offer.

The double/single breasted dilemma

Deciding on whether you want a double-breasted or single-breasted coat can be tricky but try to remember a double-breasted coat is considered more formal than a single-breasted one. If you prefer a more versatile coat to wear on different occasions and with the ever-changing fashion trend, then a single-breasted overcoat would be more suited.

Why opt for a tailored overcoat?

Tailoring your coat can have many benefits such as:

Personalisation – Creating “your” look, different from others.

The fit – Not your standard shop bought coat, you can have it fitted to your body shape creating a smarter sleeker look.

Quality Fabrics – At Richard George we use quality fabrics to give you a cutting a edge look and long lasting wear.

Please contact Richard at to be winter ready with your own unique tailored overcoat this Winter

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